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Buy & Sell used cars in Chennai

Buy & Sell used cars in Chennai

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    Car insurance (also far-famed as auto or motor insurance) is
    completed to guard your vehicle from unforeseen risks.In the event that you own a vehicle, you presumably invest a great deal of energy and cash keeping it looking shiny new. Notwithstanding, it is very workable for your vehicle to endure a few marks or scratches while moving through those busy times while getting back from office or being stuck in those long gridlocks when some cart puller rubs across your vehicle. These are the occasions you need to get the harm fixed at the soonest, and it may cost you some genuine bucks. In such cases, vehicle Insurance acts the hero and covers a large portion of the harm fix that causes robust costs. Alongside this, risk just arrangements additionally cover outsider harm brought about by your vehicle.

    Car Insurance for used cars

    When you buy a vehicle, the company provides you with a motor insurance policy​ for 1-year. Before this expires, the government mandates you to renew your insurance if you ever want to drive your car on the road again. So UNIK Car supports you get car insurance renewed again

    Why is car insurance needed?

    It essentially provides protection against the losses incurred as a result of inescapable instances.


    It helps cowl against theft, loss caused by accidents, and any subsequent liabilities.

    Used Car Insurance
    Car insurance support

    UNIK CAR Supports you with car insurance:

    For most of us, cars are much more than a necessity, a means of convenience that we have invested in our cars both financially and emotionally.

    So we don’t think twice before we secure our cars with the best car insurance. We assure you will help you

    What are documents required to apply for a car Insurance?

    These are all the documents required for getting car insurance renewal:


    • Any ID Proof
    • Driving License
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Registration certificate
    • PUC certificate/Pollution test certificate
    • Old motor insurance policy number

    What are the benefits of getting car insurance ?

    The benefits of getting car insurance

    1. If you are at risk being in an accident.
    2. You can pay less when an accident occurs.
    3. Avoid devaluation of your car
    4. Gives you a piece of mind.
    5. Safeguards you and your car at any point.

    What are the types of car insurance policy ?

    There are three types of car insurance policies available.

    1. Third-party car insurance policy, 
    2. comprehensive car insurance policy and 
    3. standalone own-damage car insurance policy.

    Is third party car insurance enough for a car?

    As per the Indian Act, a third party car insurance is a mandatory requirement for all car owners in the country.

    What does car insurance cover?

    • Bodily Injury Liability
    • Property Damage Liability
    • Medical Payments
    • Insured Motorist Coverage

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