10 Secret Points to Know While Buying A Used Car In Chennai

used car in Chennai

Chennai is nicknamed “Detroit of Asia” or “Detroit of India” because it serves as the manufacturing hub of the major automobile units in and around the city. With this popularity in the automobile sector, the demand for buying cars is also booming.

 In recent times, there is a massive market for second-hand cars all over India. It is indeed a smart decision to buy used cars as they require less investment and are more reliable than new cars.

Keep reading to avoid any doubts and hassles if you’re planning to buy a used car in Chennai!

1. Inspect the car completely

Make sure that the used car in Chennai you buy is worth every penny you spend. I would recommend you to seek a trust-worthy mechanic’s help to examine the car thoroughly. Here are the key factors that you need to pay attention to in a second-hand car.

2. Look for the Exteriors 

Examining the exteriors will give you an overview of the car. Check the outer things like head-lights, wipers, rearview mirrors, and door movement. It is okay for a used car to have minor scratches and dents. But, consider if the car has any major dent or difference in paint colours or rusting.   

3. Review the Interiors

While checking the interiors, look over every single electrical function of the car such as indicators, power window, dashboard, rearview mirror adjuster, window movement, cabin lights, music system, seat cover condition, seat adjustments, quality of the plastic etc. 

4. Don’t leave out the Engine

The engine is a crucial part of the car as it is quite complicated to repair or replace it. So put more efforts while examining the engine. Look for any rusting, unusual noises, oil leakage, oil level, exhaust system, fluid holding tanks, and smoke colour from the engine. If you’re not sure or not satisfied with it, engage with the company’s service centre to get more accurate details.

5. The Wheels

 Verify the condition of the wheels by examining wear and tear on all four wheels, wheel alignment, tyre’s brand and it’s quality. Keep in mind to assess the spare wheel too.

6. Go for a test drive 

Test-driving will help you to know the working conditions of the car. Go for a drive in different road conditions and at least up to 5 km. During the test drive, examine the basic components like brakes, steering, clutch, accelerator, gear movement, handbrake movement, suspension, AC temperature, and the car’s overall behaviour. Look into the mileage recorder, RPM and speedometer.

7. Verify the documents

Once you’re happy with the car, it is highly important to review the documents. This helps to avoid any abnormal situation in the future. First, examine the documents physically. Don’t go for virtual copies. Be cautious of fake documents as they can look convincingly real. Make sure if the car has all the required papers. Also, ensure if the owner had cleared all the loans if any.

  1. Checklist of the documents for buying a used car in Chennai,
  • Registration Certificate (RC Book)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Road tax Certificate
  • Original Invoice
  • Pollution Under Certificate (PUC)
  • Bi-fuel Certificate (only if the car is built-in with LPG/PNG)

Cross-check the details in the documents to those on the vehicle. For instance, the color mentioned in the RC book should match the color of the car. Engine Number must equal to the one written on the Car’s engine. If the car is integrated with CNG, make sure that it is mentioned in the RC book.

Finally, if you had made up your mind to buy the car, be reminded to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is necessary to re-register the car in the new owner’s name. The NOC will be issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

 8. Go-through the service history 

You will have a better idea of the vehicle’s condition by going through the car’s service history. Check out for the service history if the owner had maintained a service book or reach out to the authorized service centre of the vehicle. A car is more likely to be in a good condition if it had been serviced once for every 10,000 km. Remember to verify the insurance claimed history which gives you details about the insurances claimed. 

 9. Know the vehicle history

It is essential to know the vehicle history to avoid buying stolen cars. So, try to collect maximum information about the car from the current owner. Don’t forget to get the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number). Apart from this, do your research and know more about the car. Using the VIN, run a vehicle history report through the paid services like CARFAX and Auto check to know the car’s accident history and any other odd reports. 

In some instances, stolen vehicles are often sold with VIN’s that belong to legally registered cars. To prevent this, verify if all the numbers on the VIN match those on the dashboard and the paperwork. 

10. Check the owner history

While buying a used car, always go for the first owner or at the maximum a second owner. Don’t prefer cars with third owners. The owner list can be easily known with the help of the Owner Serial Number present in the RC book. It shows the number of times the car has been registered till now.

There are cases where you tend to meet a person who is not the car’s actual owner. So, to be certain about the owner, check if the current owner’s ID proof matches with those in the car’s documents so that you can be sure that the seller is the actual owner of the vehicle. 


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