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Buy & Sell used cars in Chennai

Buy & Sell used cars in Chennai

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Buy Used Cars in Chennai

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    Buy Used Cars in Chennai from

    At UNIK Car, we do all the inspections on used cars before we procure any vehicle. We don’t buy and sell accidental cars. Avail high-quality secondhand cars at the best prices. Buy Used Cars in Chennai from us.

    buy used cars in Chennai

    Used cars offer a glorious price of money. Explore a large number of popular branded used cars at UNIK CAR.

    Our Checklist Before We Procure A Car

    At UNIK Car, we make sure that we meet every need of our customers. Hence, we are much keen on inspecting any used cars in Chennai before we procure it. We don’t go for accidental or stolen vehicles. Our experts examine every single aspect of the car before finalizing it. Read our checklist to get a clear understanding of our procurement process.

    • Verify the documents
    • Go-through the service history.
    • Know the year of purchase and the model
    • Check for mileage
    • Look for the vehicle and owner history
    • Inspect the car’s interior
    • Examine the damages & scratches
    • Test the wheel alignment
    • Examine the engine
    • Go for a test drive

    UNIK verified Secondhand cars – Safe to purchase both technically and legally.


    Why should I buy a car through UNIK Car?

    It’s very simple that UNIK Car have Wide range of pre-owned cars, and we have trained experts to help you buy your dream car with quality checks. Buy used car in Chennai with Free RC Transfer.

    What should I do before I buy a used car?

    The main thing you should do is test to drive the car you choose. Next you have to check whether the car inspection has been done before you buy it but UNIK Car always provides Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

    What are the questions to Ask When I buy used cars in Chennai?

    • Why are they selling the car? 
    • How old is the car? 
    • What is the car’s mileage? 
    • How long have they owned the car? 
    • Is there any damages on the exterior of the car? 
    • Is there any problem in the interior of the car? 
    • Is there any mechanical or Engine problems?
    • Is this an accidental vehicle?
    • Ask for Vehicle service history report
    • Ask for an independent inspection with your own mechanic

    How do I decide between buy used car or new car?

    Planning to buy a used car is the best option for drivers with small budgets. If you plan for low monthly payments and low insurance costs, then pre-owned cars is the smart way. Further, if you have a decent budget but want more options, the used car market gives you more features and better performance. When it comes to pre-owned cars you can shop for higher end models with the budget you afford. Visit our office, and we will help you find the right vehicle for you.

    What are things to do after buying a used car?

    1. Transfer the Title Name
    2. Get the Insurance done
    3. Get an Inspection once
    4. Schedule Repairs if any.
    5. Plan for Regular Maintenance with the company

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