5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying Used Cars

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying Used Cars

UNIK Car is the destination for your used cars. Only with four wheels and your dream there is no limit to where you can go.

1. Know How to Value used cars

Know the true value of car

It is much important to know the true value of the used cars. So, here comes a question that how will you find the true value of used cars? To know about car valuation, 

know about the model and variant of your dream car. Check the mileage of the car. To Enter the details in the car valuation calculator, the result shows the used car value depending upon the car condition. This helps you to know the cars worth, and you will get clear idea that much you to need to spend for a car.

2. Test drive at company or dealers place

Test drive

Once you planned for your dream car, take the car for test drive that will help you to identify the cars condition, Engine noise, brake, clutch control, steering components, gear box and air conditioning. This small test drive will help you find out these many conditions and gives you clarification of buying it.

Test drive is very much important before purchasing any vehicle so that the customer will know about the pre-existing condition.

3. Ask about service records of used cars

Service records

Then the most important thing to find the car is in good condition is to check the service 

Records of the vehicle. When the car is in company service the car parts that’s changed will be company products and good quality items. There won’t be any odometer tampering if the car is in company service.

One more great advantage is to check the accident history of the car and the complete car’s history.

4. Get the car checked by an expert

Used cars checked by an expert

It is very important to check used cars by a trusted mechanic or a well-trained expert before purchasing any car. We UNIK Car keen on inspecting any used cars in Chennai before we procure it. We don’t go for accidental or stolen vehicles. Our experts examine every single aspect of the car before finalizing it. Read our checklist to get a clear understanding of our procurement process.

  • Verify the documents
  • Go-through the service history.
  • We get to know the year of purchase and the model
  • Check for mileage
  • Look for the vehicle and owner history
  • Inspect the car’s interior
  • Examine the damages & scratches
  • Test the wheel alignment
  • Examine the engine
  • Go for a test drive

We complete the above 10 steps before we procure any cars. UNIK Car is the trusted company to get your dream car.

5. Check about documents and RC transfer

Documents and RC transfers

If you are buying through UNIK Car, we assure you that we do RC and other related documents, which will be transferred to the buyer’s name at the earliest possible time frame (within 2weeks to 1 month). Always buy your car from a trusted so that all the documentation process will be easy for the customers.

These all the things you should do before buying used cars.